Travel Industry veterans fill a void in the incentive travel landscape by launching Gift A Trip, the first e-commerce site for turnkey, individual travel certificates direct from the leading resorts, cruise lines and hotels.

Orlando, FL: A rise in demand from award winners to travel independently over group travel, as well as escalating costs and operational challenges involved in planning and executing group events are just a few of the factors that have led companies to increase the use of individual travel rewards for their incentive programs. Fulfilling these requests however, has proven to be both time-consuming and resource-draining for reward & recognition buyers — until now.

30-year hospitality veterans Lori Cassidy and Pam Kressley, who have held top positions at Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, have launched Gift A Trip, a ‘one-stop-shop’ for both corporate buyers and consumers to source, purchase and deliver turnkey individual travel certificates from the biggest resort and cruise brands with just a click.

There are no purchase minimums, no sourcing or booking fees, no expiration dates, year-round validity with limited blackout dates — all at pre-negotiated rates. Unlike dollar-denominated gift certificates or gift cards, these travel certificates are fully inclusive of accommodations, taxes, fees and gratuities. Since all certificates are priced at the exact amount for the chosen length of stay, no trip is ever underfunded or overfunded, which takes out the guessing when it comes to travel gifting.

Certificates come in a variety of lengths-of-stay, price points, and destination options. All certificates are redeemed directly with the resort, hotel or cruise line, offer the ability to upgrade, and are delivered digitally (or via a personalized gift box for those who’d prefer an actual gifting experience). All of this provides unparalleled choice and flexibility for both the purchaser and the recipient, making them the most simple, flexible and hassle-free travel certificates on the market today.

Gift A Trip also provides corporate buyers with next-level customization opportunities, including:

  • Airline Credit Voucher Add-Ons
  • Customized White Label Sites
  • Flex Trip Collections
  • Corporate Branded Gift Packaging

As Cassidy explains, “The level of support from our supplier partners has been overwhelming, as they recognize the value in and need for such a widely accessible reward and gifting solution. We’re now able to bring this portfolio of diverse products direct to the public from one centralized source. These certificates can be used in countless ways — to increase sales, reward performance, to celebrate life’s many milestones, and so much more.”

Individual travel certificates provide a solution to another trend: The desire for the younger generations of travelers, Millennials and Gen Z, to travel where, when and with whom they want, vs. traveling with their co-workers in a group setting. “It’s important for organizations to recognize the needs and desires of the employees they’re seeking to motivate, reward and inspire,” notes Cassidy. “It also provides a way to address the need for personalization without having to do so within a group setting.”

Most recently, employee retention and recruitment has become a hot topic. “With the ‘Great Reshuffle’ still ongoing in the workplace, employers are thinking about new ways to recruit and retain talent without necessarily having to increase wages. Gifting them a fully paid vacation can deliver a greater level of satisfaction and appreciation for the employee, while minimizing long-term financial impact to the employer,” notes Founder Pam Kressley.

The gift of travel is one of the most highly desirable and memorable ways to motivate, surprise and reward. Individual travel certificates are an ideal option for:

  • BUSINESSES: Reward and recognition programs; service milestones and employee engagement; retention and recruitment; big-ticket incentives, and rebate alternatives.
  • NON-PROFITS, ASSOCIATIONS AND CHARITIES: Fundraisers, raffles and auctions.
  • PERSONAL GIFTING: Anniversaries, landmark birthdays and holidays.

To view rates, available certificate options and benefits, visit:


About Gift A Trip: Headquartered in Orlando, FL, is a dedicated e-commerce platform for B2B and B2C purchases of fully pre-paid travel certificates directly from the world’s leading cruise lines and resorts. For further information, please contact: Lori Cassidy: (305) 496-3335 or Pam Kressley, (407) 497-9386. Email inquiries can be sent to