Gift A Trip is an e-commerce platform selling a portfolio of fully turnkey prepaid travel gift certificates direct-to-consumer from the most popular travel brands. Certificates come in a variety of lengths of stay, price points and destination options. All certificates are redeemed directly through the resort, hotel or cruise line with minimal blackout dates, the ability to upgrade and most have no expiration date. This gives the certificate recipient unparalleled freedom of choice and flexibility, making these certificates the most simple, flexible and hassle-free travel certificates on the market today.

Our cruise, hotel and resort partners determine their certificate prices based on an average rate over the entire year, with minimal blackout dates (several brands also offer discounted certificates with “low season” rates and more limited travel dates). Certificate rates include all taxes, fees, and gratuities, so there are no surprises at the beginning or end of your vacation with any hidden fees.

Dollar denominated gift cards (i.e. $50, $100, $500 travel gift cards you find online or in stores) were not designed for gifting a full vacation experience. They require the giver to ‘guess’ how much a trip will cost and then buy multiple gift cards, likely underfunding or overfunding the gifted trip. Our certificates solve this issue by providing recipients with a fully prepaid length of stay, plus the added flexibility of choice of destination, dates, upgrades, and more.

Unless specified they do not, giving you the freedom to choose the airline, schedule and class of your choice. Or use those airline points you’ve been saving!

For corporate orders, we do have the ability to provide air vouchers (available in any dollar denomination).  Vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of issue, valid on any major airline and are redeemed through our dedicated air partner’s web portal.  Contact us directly for more information.

Rules vary by supplier. Be sure to check your certificate’s T&C’s for details. For those that do, be sure to provide your loyalty # to the resort or cruise line at the time of certificate redemption.

There is no limit to the number of certificates you can purchase, however, we do encourage you to email or contact us via phone for any orders exceeding 10 certificates.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as corporate checks and electronic wire transfers.  All payments must be in USD.
We currently sell our certificates exclusively to residents of North America (U.S. and Canada), excluding Quebec and Puerto Rico.

Certificate Delivery

All certificates (except Fairmont/Raffles/Swissotel) are delivered via a secure link electronically. Purchasers can choose to keep it ‘simply digital’ and forward the e-gift certificate directly to the recipient, or ‘put a bow on it’ and choose our elegant Gift A Trip red box delivery.

The actual vacation certificate from the resort or cruise line with your unique e-certificate ID#’s should arrive via email in 3-7 business days. However, if you choose an option from the Flex Trip Collection, you will receive a digital certificate to send to them within 24 hours, with the recipient choosing the actual vacation certificate at a later date.

Red Box Delivery/Details

The box comes with a beautifully printed personalized note card (you tell us how you’d like the note to read), plus a travel planner/journal as well as basic details about the vacation they’ve been gifted.
Yes. You can choose to deliver the box to yourself, untie the ribbon, and add whatever contents you like that will fit inside. Then simply retie the box and you’re all set. Be sure to keep the personalized note card inside, so the recipients know the next steps in booking their vacation.
Your Red Box arrives via UPS, carefully packaged inside a plain, white shipping box.

Orders are shipped out from Orlando, FL, via UPS Ground Service, which for the majority of the country is 2-4 days, depending on your location (see map below). If you need it faster, you can select ‘expedited shipping’ at checkout.

Inside:  Length: 8.0” x Width: 8 ½” x Height: 2 ¼”.  Outside: Length: 8 ¾” x Width: 8 ¾” x Height 2 ½”. 

For individual box orders, no, but for bulk orders (25+), yes! We can help create something unique for your corporate brand, or for large personal gifting needs. Prices will vary, depending on the level of customization. Box color, ribbon, logo, additional gifting items, all can be customized.

Redeeming Your Certificate And Booking Your Vacation

As soon as you receive the digital e-certificate, you’re ready! Full details on how to redeem your certificate and book your vacation are located on the certificate.
No. Reservations are made seamlessly by you directly with the cruise line, hotel or resort.
These certificates are redeemable only through the cruise line, hotel or resort directly.

Yes! Just call the resort, hotel or cruise line directly, and they’ll advise you of any additional fees to bring the children.

Yes, you most certainly can! You can choose a longer stay, more luxurious accommodations, or even bring additional guests. The cruise line or resort will let you know the price to upgrade, and you’ll pay them directly for the difference.
Very few! Most certificates only exclude most major holidays, but have year-round availability. A few certificates are for ‘low season only’ and will have other holiday dates restricted as noted. Be sure to review the seasonality/blackout dates on your certificate prior to making your reservation.

No, but most are transferrable (can be regifted)! Each certificate has its own unique terms and conditions (set by the resorts and cruise lines), so be sure to note which will allow you this option.  Certificates cannot be resold for cash.

The Flex Trip Collection

Purchasing a Flex Trip Collection means you have chosen to give the recipient the option to select from ANY vacation option available within the Flex Trip Collection Level purchased. This is perfect if you’re unsure which vacation they’d enjoy the most, or if you wish to simply offer them the maximum number of vacation options within a certain budget.

After you’ve chosen your delivery preference and check-out, we’ll send YOU (the purchaser) the digital Flex Trip Collection confirmation within 24 hours, which you’ll in turn forward on to the recipient. It provides full details of the certificate options available from which they can choose, and next steps. As the purchaser, after you forward them the Flex Trip Collection confirmation, there’s nothing more for you to do. It’s then up to them to decide which vacation they prefer, and let us know directly (via email) so we have a record of their selection. We’ll take it from there!

IMPORTANT:  Flex Trip Collection gifts expire if no selection has been made after the expiration date noted on the certificate. Meaning, if the recipient has not provided us with their selection within the specified time frame, the Flex Trip Collection expires, becomes null and void, and non-refundable. When they do make their selection within the time-frame specified however, the redeemable certificate issued by the cruise line, hotel or resort is valid for a minimum of 2 years (but most don’t expire at all).